Irish Engineers Bringing Cutting Edge Subsea Technology to Irish Shores

XYZ Engineering was founded by Gavin and Kieron Donohue, engineers committed to applying best in class marine robotics technology to Search and Rescue missions and environmental surveys around the Irish coastline and inland waterways.

Commercial diving ROV

Kieron, a mechanical engineer with 11 years experience in subsea robotics. Kieron is specialised in the technical details and configuration of the hardware and communications technology for search and rescue missions and environmental surveys. He’s driven by problem solving and is unique in his ability to develop solutions combining hardware, software and custom code.

Pier inspection

Gavin, a chartered engineer, has 12 years experience in the civil  engineering industry and 7 years experience volunteering in search and rescue missions. Gavin is responsible for skippering the vessels used during a search and rescue operation as well as environmental surveys.