SUBSEA Asset Inspections



ROV Underwater Inspections

We have assembled a fleet of 3 man-portable, modular ROVs. Each ROV is easily customised for your mission requirements.

All of our ROV’s have a 300 m operating depth and can deliver up to 3 different HD camera feeds to the surface.

We have a range of additional accessories which can be connected to each ROV using our quick release connectors. Get in touch to learn more about about our accessories to see if we can solve your problem.

Each ROV is equipped with sensors to provide additional information into the video such as depth to sea bed, depth below water and compass heading. We have additional navigational systems for underwater GPS. 

All of our systems are designed to be man-portable and do not require any lifting apparatus. Only 1-2 field operators are required and is exempt from the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Diving) Regulations 2018 and 2019.


UHD Images

We are engineers and hobbiest photographers. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our image quality. From lights, to lenses, to sensors. We strive to offer the best.

Our Ultrahigh Definition (UHD) Imaging techniques produce exceptional data to examine asset condition.

We can equip our ROV with a custom built camera system where unparalleled image quality is needed. Our technology has been used in search and rescue operations around Ireland and also to inspect pier walls, ports infrastructure, subsea pipelines, outfalls, foundations, structures, anodes, cables and chains. We have also work closely with ecological consultants to capture video and still imagery for bencthic ecology and seabed analysis. 

In the video below, our ROV identifies a missing tie bar and significant corrosion in the fender pile of a deep water pier on the Atlantic coast.


Specialist Navigation Capabilities

We have integrated several methods for underwater navigation into each of our ROV Systems.

From methods for target aquisition in murky water to mapping the location of the ROV using underwater GPS techniques, we are experts in positioning.

Part of our system includes a custom built surface work boat with dynamic positioning, GPS and gyroscopes. The gyroscopes allow us to correct our underwater position for roll, pitch and yaw of the surface vessel.